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Portable Swift To-Do List Ultimate v9.525

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Portable Swift To-Do List Ultimate v9.525

Portable Swift To-Do List Ultimate 9.525|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|66.8 mb

Swift To-Do List-all your tasks and notes in one place. The number one task organizer for Windows. Light-weight and easy to use, yet powerful. Get organized in 5 minutes with to-do list software. Getting organized has never been easier.
Organize all your current tasks in just 5 minutes with this to-do list software:
Stop things from getting out of control before you won't be able to handle your job anymore. Stop things from falling through the cracks and losing important information. You can finally control, manage, track, remember and do it all. Don't spend more time managing your tasks than doing them
Swift To-Do List is powerful, but still super-easy and fast to use. It will never get in your way or waste your time.

* Have a complete control over all your information organized in unlimited hierarchical tree
* Manage all kinds of tasks and notes, lists, goals, projects, reminders, information, files
* Enjoy all the features you might ever need, including unique killer features such as subtasks or creating tasks from emails (you can just Drag and Drop emails into Swift To-Do List!)
* Customize Swift To-Do List so it meets your individual needs perfectly.
* Use task management methodologies such as Getting Things Done (GTD), or our own Swift Mind Freedom methodology.
* Enjoy customer service with 24-hour reply. Swift To-Do List has over 500.000 downloads and happy customers all around the world.
* Use Secure Sync, backup your data in the cloud, work in a team, access your tasks using a web-app, use iPhone and Android mobile apps.

Notable Swift To-Do List features:
Sync to-do lists, tasks and notes via secure cloud server to keep your task lists and notes synchronized on all computers
* Secure Sync. You can use Swift To-Do List on unlimited number of computers and keep them all synchronized.
* This feature and all related features are optional. Swift To-Do List can work offline.
Team to-do list, share tasks and notes to collaborate
* Share and collaborate. You can easily share your tasks and notes with others. Just click the Add User button in the Sync tab.
Mobile to-do list and tablet to-do list access both for tasks and notes via cloud
* Mobile apps for iOS and Android. View and edit your synced tasks and notes using the companion mobile apps. Available from Apple App Store and Google Play.
Web access for your tasks and notes with great companion web-based application
* Companion web app. You can use the web to view and edit your tasks and notes, even on computers where Swift To-Do List is not installed, including Mac and Linux computers.
Remote backup of tasks and notes in the secure cloud server
* Secure Cloud backup. Even if your computer crashes or is stolen, you will never lose your data! All you have to do is to enable the Secure Sync feature.
Task and notes management
* Manage both tasks and notes. Each task has its own notes, and you can also create task-independent notes ("memos") in the to-do list tree.
* You can also manage lists of non-actionable items, such as inventories and ideas.
* You can have the items in your lists automatically numbered.
Universal Import
* Universal import (CSV/TSV/TXT). Import tasks from Outlook, Lotus Notes, Excel, Task Coach, Task Merlin, VIP Organizer, and many other programs. You can also import tasks from all web-apps that support CSV export, such as Toodledo.
Hierarchical to-do lists
* To-Do List Tree with icons to organize your to-do lists and notes (memos).
* Choose from more than 240 colorful icons in 4 sizes for your lists and memos.
* Easily reorder to-do lists using mouse (Drag and Drop)
* Easily move or copy tasks between to-do lists using mouse
* Cut, copy and paste to-do lists and memos (this allows you to create your own templates)
* The to-do list tree can be automatically alphabetically sorted
Subtasks feature
* Subtasks allow you to break down complex tasks into easily manageable chunks.
* Reduce procrastination and make your work more enjoyable by breaking tasks down into small action steps.
* Enjoy your work more be seeing the progress you are making.
* If you lay out all the small steps in front of you with subtasks, following them will be easy!
Multiple columns
* All the task fields (columns) you might ever need!
* All fields are optional, and can be even completely hidden-total customization!
* Supported fields include Task Name, Priority, Type, Due Date, Days Left, Start Date, Completion Date, Context, Assigned To, Time Estimate, Time Spent, Percent Done, Status, Hide Until Date. Creation Date and Last Changed Date are also automatically recorded for each of your tasks. There are 24 different columns in total to choose from.
* You can even rename any of the fields!
Reminder program
* Reminders can be easily set for any of your tasks with just a few clicks. Swift To-Do List has great reminder support. The snoozing of reminders is really easy and flexible. You can even receive email reminders and task recurrence notifications sent to you directly from the program.
Task manager with task recurrence
* Recurring tasks support. Very flexible setup, many patterns to choose from: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, monthly on day of week, yearly, yearly on day of week, X days after completion. It is possible to setup recurrences like: The last Friday of every month, or the first Monday in January, or every Tuesday and Thursday, or 5 days after the task is completed or any other pattern. Unique feature: You can even preview the next 10 times the task is going to recur.
Notes organizer & task manager
* Rich notes formatting and editing, including styles (bold, italic, underline, strike through), paragraphs, colors, bullets, numbered lists, multi-level lists, fonts and images.
* Insert date/time or separators with keyboard shortcuts.
* Create hyperlinks to websites, local files, or even to-do lists or memos in the to-do list tree.
* Create and edit tables
* Inbuilt spellchecker. And much more.
Export and import notes/memos to PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTML, MHT and ePub formats
* Import/export notes and memos from many formats, including MS Word DOC and DOCX files, HTML files, web-archive MHT files, OpenOffice ODT files, plain text TXT files, rich text RTF files, and e-book ePUB files.
* Export notes and memos to PDF files
Spreadsheets in Swift To-Do List
* Spreadsheets support. Swift To-Do List allows you to easily manage multiple spreadsheets organized in a hierarchical tree with icons, together with your other to-do lists and memos.
* Rich editing, much like in MS Excel, including AutoSum, formulas, formatting options, and more.
* Spreadsheets are great for organizing various non-task information, such as budgets, financial calculations, inventory management, habit management, various logs and schedules, invoices, and more.
Drag and Drop task organizer
* Reorder your tasks using mouse (Drag and Drop). You can either sort your task lists by any column (or multiple columns), or you can easily create your own custom order of tasks with mouse.
Task attachments
* Attachments: Attach files, folders, email addresses and web links to your tasks. You can simply Drag and Drop files in and out of Swift To-Do List!
* Create embedded file attachments and store the files directly in the Swift To-Do List database.
Attach emails to tasks
* Attach emails to tasks: You can Drag and Drop emails and calendar items from Outlook into Swift To-Do List to attach them to your tasks. Many of your tasks come through email, and the convenience of being able to attach emails to your tasks is invaluable. Other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or The Bat! are supported as well.
Turn emails into tasks with drag and drop
* Create tasks from emails: You can just Drag and Drop emails into the task-view to add them as tasks. See a short video demo.
* All email clients which support external Drag and Drop are supported, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, The Bat! and others. You can also Drag and Drop .eml and .msg files.
* Optionally use an Outlook Add-In, which makes it even faster: Create tasks from emails with just 1 click!
Sticky notes
* Sticky notes for your desktop. Create a sticky note from any task with a single click. Customize colors, transparency, and more.
Easy and powerful Print & export
* Printing and exporting is powerful, yet very simple to use. The output can be filtered, grouped by any column, and it can include only the tasks, to-do lists, and columns that you want. The export supports task notes, colors, check boxes. Choose the text size. Export to HTML or MS Excel (comma delimited). And much more.
Task manager with filtering
* View modes and filters that allow you to see only the tasks you need at the moment. Create your own filter presets and quickly switch between them using toolbar button or automatically assigned keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, ...).
Hide Until feature
* Hide Until field for your tasks is an extremely useful innovative feature. Think of it as a "mega-snooze" for your tasks: It allows you to hide tasks until a later date.
* Is your list too full and cluttered? Well, hide the stuff you don't have to worry about for now until later! When the specified date comes, it will re-appear on your to-do list. You can hide things until tomorrow, for a week, for a month, for a year-or until any date you want!
* With Hide Until field, your to-do list will be sustainable and useful. You won't abandon it, as it will never become too cluttered. It will remain short and sweet.
Sort to-do lists by multiple column, eg. by priority first, then by due date
* Sort your task lists by multiple columns at once. Want to sort them by Due Date first, then by Priority? No problem. Or, want to sort them by Priority first, then by Due Date? No problem! Any other combination, even with 3 or 5 columns? No problem. You can sort by any number of columns. To add or remove a column from the sort, simply hold the Control key while clicking the column.
Task organizer with batch processing
* Add and edit multiple tasks at once. Working with multiple tasks at the same time is really easy and can save you a lot of hassle (and time).
Info Panel in Swift To-Do List
* Info panel below the to-do list tree which shows you: How many tasks are due today, due tomorrow, to do total, and done total.
* With just 1 click, you can see any of these tasks. For example, if you click the "Tasks to do today" label, you will immediately see all the tasks due today.
Calendar To-Do List
* Collapsible Calendar Panel below the to-do list tree allows you to view tasks due on a specific date or multiple dates-with just one click! This gives you instant overview.
* The calendar can be linked to Due Date, Start Date, Completion Date, Change Date, Creation Date or Hide Until Date of your tasks. This gives you a lot of options how to efficiently use the calendar panel in your situation.
Todo list program with undo
* Undo/redo any operation. Know your data is safe thanks to undo. Deleted something by accident? No worries, you can easily undo it.
To-do application with clipboard support
* Cut, copy & paste tasks, to-do lists, notes and attachments. Fully integrated clipboard support. This allows you to create templates and checklists.
Task management software with task archive
* Task Archive stores your deleted tasks, you can recover them if needed. Never lose your tasks!
* The Task Archive also records the deletion date, so you can use it as a history tool.
* Use automatic archiving of done tasks to keep your lists clean and up-to-date. Done tasks can get archived immediately or after a specified amount of days.
Highlight tasks
* Custom task coloring. Automatically color tasks by priority, type, status, assigned to or context. Highlight overdue tasks. Highlight tasks due today. Choose your own custom colors.
Task manager with email task feature
* Email tasks. Assign and email tasks with just 2 clicks. Right click any task, select Email Task, click Send and you are done! You can edit the email message and send it directly from Swift To-Do List via SMTP. You can fully customize the email template to include any task properties, its notes and any other text. You can even send hidden BCC copy to yourself.
Highly customizable task management software
* Customize priorities, statuses, task types, contexts etc. You can specify your own task priorities and statuses! This allows you to use Swift To-Do List in conjunction with any productivity system, including Stephen Covey's 4-quadrants time management or David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD).
Time tracking
* Time Tracking. Automatically track the time spent on your tasks. Just right-click any task, and select "Start Time Tracking", and a small floating window counting and displaying the time spent will be shown.
Portable to-do list software (USB)
* Portable. Runs from USB drive. Swift To-Do List can be deployed to your USB thumb drive and you can then run it on any computer from there.
Simple & light-weight task organizer
* Enable or disable fields as needed. This is a unique feature. Swift To-Do List automatically changes depending on what columns you use. For example, if you disable the Context field, you won't even know that Swift To-Do List supports it. But if you discover that you need it one day, you can easily enable it.
* Swift To-Do List is extremely flexible and customizable.
Secure task management software
* Protect your database with strong encryption. The encryption is virtually impossible to bypass if you use a strong password.
Powerful task organizer
* Mouse or keyboard can be used to accomplish any operation. Swift To-Do List supports many hotkeys and shortcuts. If you are an advanced user, you can control it entirely using keyboard and shortcuts to save time. Swift To-Do List also has global hotkey to activate or hide it and global hotkey to add a new task.
Easy task organizer
* Clean and simple design.
* Intuitive and very easy to use, yet powerful and efficient.
* No learning needed. Start using Swift To-Do List immediately.
Easy Installation-No Admin Privileges Required
* Easy fast installation that doesn't require admin privileges. You can install Swift To-Do List even if your Windows user account doesn't have administrator privileges. This makes it perfect for installing it at your day job-you don't need to ask anyone for a permission. Just install it under your user account even without the admin rights.

What's new in Swift To-Do List 9.5
Secure Sync
Sync is out of beta! You can now sync Swift To-Do List via secure cloud across all your devices.
This also automatically backups your tasks in the secure cloud. Even if your computer crashes or gets lost, your tasks will be safe.
The new version includes brand-new and simplified Secure Sync Wizard!
Team sharing
You can now use Swift To-Do List in teams! The new Swift To-Do List 9.50 allows you to create organizations inside your Swift To-Do List account, invite members into the organization and appoint admins.
The new version also comes with improved sync management options-
Mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android
You can now use the companion mobile tasks to view and edit your tasks on the go.
Note: If you've been using the beta apps before, it's important that you update them.
Companion web app
The web app allows you to access your tasks using a web-app from any computer, including computers where Swift To-Do List for Windows is not installed, and Mac and Linux computers.
Subscription plans
The new Swift To-Do List is now offered as an annual subscription. This comes with multiple benefits. For example, with a subscription, you can now install Swift To-Do List on unlimited number of computers. You can see pricing here, or learn more details here.
We've also cancelled editions (previously: Home, Professional, Ultimate). The new Swift To-Do List plans always come as "Ultimate" now, fully loaded with all the features!

System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows XP, Windows Vista all SP, Windows 7, Work on Windows 10 is POSSIBLE, BUT NOT GUARANTEED!
Language English


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